dController HCM

dController HCM is designed to meet the varied payroll, pension and personnel management needs of organisations in Nigeria.  It allows users full control over payroll and personnel administration. The system is divided into three modules


dController Financial

dController Financial System is an integrated and complete accounting system developed both for the private and public sectors of the economy.  It has the functionality that assists in keeping accurate financial records & obtain timely business information.


dController Pension

dController Pension package is designed to keep pension information that meet universal Pensions Management standard. It's is capable of providing data that could enable management plan, control, monitor, appraise & analyse staff Pension information.



Our Mission

To provide the best business IT solutions to organizations and people seeking optimum efficiency in the management of their resources at reasonable cost and at the highest standard achievable in the IT industry.



We are a leading provider of Financial and Human Capital Software Solutions for the Nigerian environment. Top government and private organizations have been using our products satisfactorily. Our products are proudly made in Nigeria from scratch to finish yet, we are globally recognized as a Management Software Provider of note in Nigeria. Our long range vision is to be the Leader in the provision of home grown state-of-the-art business application software in the West African sub-region.

We built our products with our clients in mind and this singular reason has been responsible for the speed and accuracy with which we have been able to respond and deplore our arrays of solutions to meet the varying needs of our clients.