dController HCM


dController Human Capital Manager is designed to meet the varied payroll, pension and personnel management needs of organisations in Nigeria.  It allows users full control over payroll and personnel administration.  The system is divided into three modules as specified below. The first version of dController Human Capital Manager was released in 1985

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Employee Databank Administration

  • Provide a means of recording and enquiring on basic employee information
  • Make use of prompts at every stage of every process as a means of informing operators / managers.
  • Record basic employee data such as name, including any previous name(s), emergency contact name, telephone number, mobile number, email address, home address, pharmacie en ligne cialis state of origin, local government area, ethnicity/tribe, date of birth, place of birth, residential city, special body features, etc
  • User specified fields can be enforced as mandatory
  • Record details of pre-employment checks carried out on new employees
  • categorization of employees by job type, grade level and steps, and organisational position for reporting and enquiry purposes
  • Record employment type – permanent, temporary, casual and others
  • Prompt the operator to take action when temporary employments become due to expire
  • Records reason for temporary employment
  • Store digital pictures of employees, next-of-kin, and recruits
  • Record core details of next-of-kin/benefactors (name, including any previous name(s), emergency contact name, telephone number, email address, home address,). The solution should also be able to store percentage of employee benefit accruable to next-of-kin, in case of sudden death of the employee.
  • Store employee fingerprints (in pattern form to facilitate rapid matching and correlation)
  • The use of scanning and imaging facilities for employee history records is feasible
  • Project increments based on service, Grade level and Grade Point on scale
  • Supports asset allocation and tracing to employees
  • Captures Balance Score Card for individual employee
  • Record details of correspondence, such as copies of employment contracts, appointment letters, promotion letters, etc, with dates and linking with employee’s electronic personnel file.

Recruitment & Selection Administration

  • Capture the details of each applicant including Full Names, Addresses, Age, Academic, Professional Qualifications, employment history, skills, as well as store photographs of recruits.
  • Allow for differing campaigns to begin at differing stages in the recruitment cycle e.g. may wish to start at the shortlist stage, using a combination of criteria that meet a job requirement.
  • Prohibit unauthorised hiring, represented by the absence of a vacant position.
  • Maintain a comprehensive list of vacant post to be filled
  • Support automatic generation of letter at the various stages of the recruitment buy viagra online without a prescription cycle.
  • Record each applicant’s score for each stage of the interview/assessment process.
  • Record interview/assessment centre scoring, by multiple panel members.
  • Record and monitor advertising agency and other recruitment/selection costs.
  • Automatic posting of successful applicant to the main employee administration database
  • Automatic generation of conditional employment letter
  • Facility to carryout internal fit assessment test for any vacancy

Termination Administration

Analyse reasons for leaving employment

Keeps record of reinstatement of employee or termination be rescinded or individual re-employed after a break in service

Trigger notifications, which pass termination data to other relevant departments or sections. Event triggers are end-user definable.

Automatic generation of letters upon completion of the termination process, entailing (a) the creation of an appropriate letter of termination, and (b) automatic notification to the appropriate manager that the termination has been completed.

Automatically send a reminder to payroll operators to check for and recover monies on termination of employment.

Prompt to notify operators of employees who are reaching voluntary/statutory retirement age and generate appropriate letters.

Payroll/Salary Administration

Accommodate the setting up of unlimited number of pay items.

Execute the calculation and payment of overtime, attendance and other allowances and honoraria.

Perform the calculation and payment of expenses, travel, subsistence and employee benefits and statutory documentation.

Make payments at prescribed frequencies including fortnightly, weekly and monthly.

Make payments by the due date, direct to a specified bank account, by cash, or by cheque.

Provide facility for staff exits, suspension, reinstatement with capabilities to take care of effective dates and arrears generation etc

Calculate tax for all employees based on taxable pay information provided with a flexible and self adjustable tax band table

Automatic generation of tax-free pay, based on Nigeria Tax Laws

User definable tax band

Computation of Payroll on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis, with appropriate checklist to verify accuracy of data entry and computation, as well as provision for payroll reversal in case of errors in computation, as many times as possible within a payroll run.

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Permit salary computation on pro-rata (i.e. for staff joining during the month) and on full month basis.

Permit on-line entry of personnel data and its validation

Provide for year-end processing, including automatic archiving of prior year details, clearing-down of annual accumulators and preservation of reducing-balance or other accumulated balances.

Provide bulk-update functionality for periodic data management tasks.

Provide facility for mass adjustment and generation of Related Values

Trace a transaction through generique cialis all processing steps providing step identification and value output

Extract log entries of a transaction and trace its disposition through the system

Have on-line enquiries logged to an audit trail

Training & Career Development Management

Maintain a list of all training courses an employee has attended.

Record mandatory training course attendance and qualification requirements

Maintain a schedule of training courses, their organizers, date, fees and time for the whole year for which staff have indicated interest.

Provide facilities for on-line course solution forms and the facility to process the solution automatically

Look up what courses are happening on a specified date.

Automatic generation of certificates of attendance / attainment

Records delegate attendance

Maintain a list of approved training providers by training type.

Setup a training calendar for each year

Tracks receipt of delegate travel /attendance expenses.

Record non-attendees - reason for absence and length of notice given

Record delegate evaluation forms and the contents thereof to generate reports on the satisfaction of delegates with trainer, course meeting its objectives etc.

Identify and analyse training needs (including any gaps) at individual and organisational level.

Individuls evaluation of the effectiveness of training once back at work/supervision against the course objectives and job performance with the ability to feed back further needs is provided

Monitor planned and actual expenditure against courses.

Provide a career path per employee or position within the organization.

Provide a skill set required to attain each position

Predefine and link a job description, skills requirements, etc for each job position.

Assign appropriate skills to each employee, which can later be used to match prerequisite.

Leave/Absence Administration

Provide a leave roaster through which employees’ leave can be scheduled on a yearly basis

Keeps accurate record of employees leave due and taken on yearly basis. This includes annual, sick, examination and casual leaves, etc.

Produces leave balance for each employee yearly and option to forfeit balance, rollover to the following year or convert to cash.

Provide leave approval process at various levels and generate leave letters.

Provide facility to report and investigate absence

Enable the storing and easy retrieval of sickness absence history.

Self-service facilities such as requesting, authorising and recording of annual leave are http://www.viagrabelgiquefr.com/ provided.

Performance Evaluation Management

Maintain the appraisal records of each employee, including supervisory and staff remarks, and action plans.

Maintain comprehensive detail of job description by post

Allow for automatic promotion of all staff due for promotions to next grade level and step as a direct result of the appraisal.

User definition of evaluation and promotion criteria

Short-list employees for promotion

Facility to simulate financial implications of promotions

Promotion History tracking

Self service facilities such that supervisor/manager can evaluate the staff under him; the subordinate staff making their comments; and higher level manager making their comments online

Allow automatic salary increments where applicable as a direct result of the appraisal.

Employee self assessment facility is provided




  Employee & Manager Self Service


dController HCM Self Service gives users immediate and safe online access to their payroll, HR and benefits/pension information.
The web service version of dController HCM System is a hybrid of the Windows version and the Web version. In this version the user interface and programs are stored on the company's server or on a single PC and the database is stored on a secure remote web server. The system retrieves the data from the database via the internet and processes it on the company's local machine. This version provides you with the processing speed of the windows version and some of the flexibility of the web version.

Features Include:

  •  Virtually eliminates data errors as employees take ownership of their personal profiles.

  • Allows one or more authorised users to determine which records may be accessed by either managers or users either as read only or with update rights.

  • Provide the ability for managers to be given access to and rights to update aspects of the HR records of their subordinates. Managers should be able to view employee records of their subordinates.

  • Provide the facility for employees to access and update their own personal data such as name and address, bank details, next of kin details etc.

  • Facility to keep an audit record of transaction changes (Add/change actions) is provided.

  • Provide the facility for employees to request and record absences (e.g. sickness, annual leave, study etc), appraisal comments, queries/grievances on a self service basis.

  • Enable the capture of data in three ways, firstly, the online e-HR solution, secondly via the use of online forms, and thirdly via batch input forms.

  • Support the upload of data from Excel or Text format to the application.